You Are What You Post

Here is something I have had to say over and over again to people I know…You ARE what you post! You may think people don’t (or shouldn’t) judge you by what you post on Facebook and Twitter but they will.

Almost every night on the news there is a story about someone who got in trouble for something and they show their Facebook page and status info…of course they pick the ones that they think show how “troubled” the person is.  I have talked to some teenagers about some of the things I see them post.  I am told “it’s just a song lyric” and that is great but I know for a fact that someone can use that against them if they need to…that innocent song lyric will end up all over the evening news showing how horrible this person’s life must be.

And of course, the photos that are posted…oh my! Do you really want someone to do a Google search of your name and see some of the loony things you did and posted pics of?  Seriously people!  Think before you post. Even  though you think it is “nothing”, what you post gives people a certain impression of you.  Make sure it is a good one! Once it is posted, even if you delete it, someone has seen it and very possibly copied it and it will be forever on the world wide web for all to see.

I try to only post things that are uplifting and encouraging to others.  There is enough negativity in the world.  We don’t need to be bombarded with it on Facebook.

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