Wonderful Weekend

It’s Sunday night and as I prepare for the upcoming week, I am reflecting on the events of the weekend…it was wonderful!

My kids are all doing the P.O.D. (Pursuit of Discipleship) class at church on Saturdays so I drove them there and dropped them off. While they were there, I had my nails done.  It is nice to be able to just let someone take care of me for awhile 🙂  That night was the Junior Auxiliary of Tipton County’s Charity Ball and since I didn’t want to drive hubby’s truck downtown and try to maneuver it into a tight parking garage, I rode with some of my JA Sisters…that was fun!  We had a good turnout and it seemed as though everyone enjoyed the band and food.

Since I knew I would be out late Saturday night and we had time change, I had already asked for a sub for my Sunday School class and last week I won tickets to the Southern Women’s Show so my sister and I decided to take our daughters.  We had so much fun! My sister was an hour late getting here, not because SHE didn’t change her clock (she did!) but my niece didn’t and thought it was earlier than it was.  HA HA  My silly niece 🙂  We spent about 4 hours looking at the various products at the show…I will be posting separate posts about some of my favorite booths.

As I think about this weekend and why I enjoyed it so much, it hit me…I took time away from my regular responsibilities. I didn’t teach my Sunday School class, I didn’t work in City Lights. I didn’t even turn my computer on today and didn’t stress about not getting the lesson plans, menu and grocery list done or  websites updated…I just took some time for ME! Wow…what a concept!  I laughed.  I watched a movie with my husband.  I enjoyed LIFE.

I am going to have to start making these WORK FREE times more of a priority.  If not, all of the “stuff” I take on is going to take over me.  I need a day off occasionally and I am going to start taking them more often and have lots more wonderful weekends.

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