US Geography – Delaware


Using the Atlas and Internet to fill in fact sheet about Delaware

Today Andrew began the geography lessons that are scheduled in Illuminations Year 4 for 3rd – 8th. Throughout this year, he will be learning about each state in the order which they became part of the United States. We are making a state notebook using the printable sheets included in our Illuminations program that allows the student to fill in facts about each state as well as a map to color in as we explore the country. In addition to the great resources Illuminations provides, I also gave Andrew a coloring sheet of the Delaware flag and a word search about the state. We also took an online “tour” of the Governor’s House, which Andrew said looked like a normal house to him. We both enjoyed learning about Delaware today and look forward to the rest of the year as we travel the country.


  1. Maggie Hogan

    Andrew is right! The Governor’s House, although very large and lovely, is not a huge mansion like so many. If you didn’t know what it was you’d probably think it was a nice big home. Thanks for sharing! Hope you post this in the Illuminations group as well.

  2. We are beginning Illuminations 4 on Monday, and also starting with Delaware. 🙂 I’m not totally sure how to go about the geography lessons yet (we are doing the 2 year plan) but I do look forward to checking out different things about the states! On a side note, I went to high school in Juneau, AK and my Interior Design class toured the governor’s mansion there. It was the most interesting field trip *ever*, if only because we drove there (1 mile away from the school) by riding in the back of our teacher’s pick-up truck! 🙂 That’s Alaska for you. But the Governor’s mansion was very large, stately and gorgeous. It was definitely NOT like a “normal house.”

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