The year so far

As you can tell, I have not done a good job or reviving my blog in 2019 so far. I would often think about something I wanted to post about and then not do it. I am going to have to be more intentional in this.

So what had happened so far in 2019?

Well, one big thing is that on January 22, I got a new title… CiCi! My first grandchild was born! That day was one of the best days.

On January 26th, I did something I have never done before. I auditioned for a part in Beauty and the Beast at The Historic Ruffin Theater and I am happy to say that I will be playing Mrs. Potts!

Just a few days later, on Jan 28, I stood in a hospital room in Nashville at the side of my step dad’s bed along with family and we said goodbye. It was a very hard day and I still cry thinking about it.

On Feb 16th, I was interviewed by the NAJA nominating committee for Recording Secretary and was called back later that evening to let me know I was chosen to be on this year’s slate which will be voted on in April.

At the end of Feb, I decided to rejoin Discovery Toys because I wanted the BEST TOYS ON THE PLANET for my grandbaby! I have many of the toys my own children played with that I saved but I wanted her to have her own so when I searched for a local DT Consultant and discovered there wasn’t one, I knew I HAD to do it! Kids need these products!!

I do plan to post more. So keep checking back.

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