Sunday School Scrapbooks

I have recently started doing something a little different in my 6th grade girls  Sunday School class.  We are scrapbooking our lessons!  I don’t know why I never thought of it before because it is something I have done with my own children for years as part of our homeschool not to mention the fact that I LOVE to scrapbook. It took my friend Lisa H.  to recommend it.

So far, the girls have made their title pages and a review page of the lessons we did last month. At the end of the Sunday School year, they will have a nice record of all of the things they have learned in Sunday School and City Lights. They are having a lot of fun using their creativity to make pages that will remind them of important lessons from their 6th grade Sunday School class with Mrs. Christie.

Here are some pictures I took today while the girls were working on their scrapbooks.

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