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As I have mentioned before, my children are using English from the Roots Up to learn the Latin and Greek roots. Volume 1 was part of our Illuminations Year 3 schedule last year  and we will be using Volume 2 this year. Some people have asked me WHY this is important. I have received comments like “Latin is dead”, and questions like “what is the point of them learning Latin or Greek in the real world?” Well, let me just tell you…Knowing what the root words of a word mean, helps you to understand what the word means.  For example, you know what a telescope is right?  Did you know that tele means far away and scope means to look? So,even if you didn’t know what a telescope was, you would know that it is something that helps you to LOOK at something FAR AWAY.  This is just one example…believe me, there are many more!

Well, you all know how I like learning through play so I am always looking for fun ways for my kids to grasp what I am teaching so when my friend was selling her Rummy Roots this summer, I grabbed them! The kids and I had fun playing today.



Last year, I came across Cynce’s Place, which  has some  fabulous FREE printables to use with both volumes. She even has some fun game ideas you can play using the printable flash cards she made.

Here are a few other websites that have games to practice root words.

Making learning fun everyday is what I try to do.  It makes me happy when my kids mention something they remember from months ago because we did something fun to make it stick.


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