Pink Palace Homeschool Classes

My sons have been going to the homeschool classes that they have at The Pink Palace for the past few months.  They have learned about and done projects about density, mixtures and solutions.  All of these topics have tied in nicely with what we have been learning in Christian Kids Explore Chemistry.

This month’s topic was solutions and the boys made lotion.  Middle son apparently added too much of the coloring and when he used his lotion, his hands turned a nice shade of green.  He looked like the Hulk!  Ha Ha  We joked and said that he should give it to his sister and tell her that he had made her some fantastic facial cream.  No, I wouldn’t really let him do that!!

If you are in the Memphis area and are interested in learning more about the homeschool programs at The Pink Palace, you can click on this link for a PDF file that tells about what they offer:

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