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So you want to start a blog for the new year? That’s great! BUT before you get started, you need to know about how to find pics for your posts. Many new bloggers think that they can just snag any image from Google images but you really can’t! Hey, I thought the same thing when I first started so I am not bashing anyone!  We all have to learn somehow right?

Why can’t you?  Anything on the internet is “free” right??  Nope!  What happens is this, the Google bot randomly pulls all images from sites and allows anyone who searches to find it.  Some of these images may be copyrighted so using them without permission is called copyright infringement. What can happen to you if you violate copyright laws?  Well…it can get pretty bad!  First of all, if the owner/creator finds their image on your site, they can kindly ask you to remove it.  Simple enough right?  Well, if you don’t, they can pursue legal action against you which can cost you a lot of money and even send you to prison!  Now, that is not a good way to get your blog popular is it?

So, how can you get good images for your site that will keep you out of a courtroom?  There are many ways!  These are the things I tell my clients for their sites.

First of all, you can take your own pictures.  Most people have a digital camera or can use the camera on their phone… take the pic, edit it, add your blog name and use it!  SIMPLE!!!

Of course, if you have graphic design software on your computer already then you can make your own images.  Don’t have the software?  No big deal!  You can download Inkscape for free to get you started.

Another way is through photo sharing websites. Some of the pics on these sites are free to use as long as you link back or give credit to the source and some may have a small fee. The sites I use most often are Pix-O-Sphere and Photobucket.  A couple of others that I have seen are EveryStockPhoto and Photoree but I have not used any of the images they have…yet 🙂 If you know of other photo sharing sites, please post a comment.  I am always looking for good graphics for my page and for my clients’ pages.

So, now that you know, get out there and make 2012 a great blogging year!

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