Painful Post

It pains me to type this post…no, it really does!  You see, I have somehow managed to injure my left hand and am now sporting this lovely contraption


I initially strained it on December 21 and it wasn’t getting any better so last week, I told my husband that since more than a month had passed and it was still sore, I might want to get it checked out…but I didn’t make any effort to contact a Dr about it until I hurt it more on Tuesday.  I was buckling my seat belt as a passenger in my friend’s car and I felt something pop and my wrist started burning.  I called the Dr the next day and went in on Thursday.  He said that nothing is broken, I have mild carpal tunnel, and apparently have some tendon damage that requires me to “rest” my wrist.  He gave me a cortisone injection…OUCH…and put this brace on me.  I am still hurting and have little strength in that hand. I can’t pick up much of anything with my left hand.  Fixing my hair isn’t easy,unloading the dryer is painful, hold my phone on the left side is impossible, and Typing is torture!  One handed…peck…peck…peck…AUGH!

Anyway, I am just telling y’all this in case you have wondered where I have been and why you haven’t seen much of me online lately.  Please pray that this heals soon so I can get back to my regular life.

We WILL still have the Fantastic February Facebook party…I just have to figure out how I can keep up with the typing that night.

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