Not MY plan

Well, as you recall, my husband and I went through the classes required for us to become foster parents and we were planning on adopting a teenage girl. Well that didn’t work out and we have decided that for now, we are going to be foster parents. We haven’t had a placement yet but will get to share our home and hearts for a few days with a child whose foster parents are going out of town. She needs a crib so we got one and set it up in the room that was ready for the teen girl.

It was hard for me emotionally when I realized that we were not getting the teen that we had planned on…or the second one that we had hoped for for that matter. I know God didn’t take us through that whole thing for us to just give up. He has plans for us! We have a room prepared, thanks to many friends and family who gave us gifts to do this. We WILL have someone who needs us in that room soon. This time, only for 5 days. Next time, who knows. We are just going to wait patiently and see who God sends who needs the love of a family.
Please continue to pray for us.

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