No Connection

I think it is kind of ironic what I am about to tell you about…I have had no connection lately.  Christie Jarvis Connects has not been connected! It’s true! My internet connection at home has been absolutely terrible and I have been having to do the best I can to get what I needed done using my Droid or if I really HAD to do something using the computer, taking advantage of my daughter’s Palm Pixie built in mobile hot spot.  My Verizon wireless broadband has not been working as well as it should since one of the storms we had in May.  I called Verizon about it and was told that there were no known issues and that I just live too far from the tower…well, I haven’t moved so that can’t be it. They finally called me back today to tell me that yes, in fact, the tower WAS knocked out by that storm in May and that was the reason I was not getting full signal anymore…HALLELUJAH! Since I kind of need to have a computer with Internet to actually DO my job well, I am very glad that they are working on this issue and will hopefully have it resolved soon.  I have still been able to update mine and my paying clients’ pages through the Hootsuite app on my Droid but as far as being able to get on my computer and work on projects…well, let me tell ya, it was bad.  My kids would walk in and I would be holding my computer up in the air like I was trying to offer it to God so I could get a little signal. It was worse than dial up! Hopefully I will be back up and running at full force soon. Thanks for sticking by me! This hasn’t stopped me from growing my business. I have taken on 2 new amazing clients in just the past few days that are so excited about working with me…the feeling is mutual.I know that everything happens for a reason and I hope that this little bump in the road that has slowed me down a little was just to prepare me for some mighty things to come!

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