New Kroger Gas Program

Last week a friend of mine posted this on my Facebook page and I was like WOW!  HOW did you do that?  She told me that Schnucks has a reward program where your grocery points accumulate…I was jealous.  I don’t live near a Schnucks and I am a very faithful Kroger shopper.  I started plotting on how I could try to make it to Schnucks to catch a few of their sales and rack up some gas points but it looks like I am not going to have to!  One of the ladies in the local coupon group I am involved in posted a link to this article from the Commercial Appeal telling about Kroger’s New Gas Savings Program. I am SOOOOO excited!  I always got happy over my little $.10 off and now I will be able to save up to $1.00 per gallon!!  WOW!  Thank you Kroger for giving me another reason to love you.

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