The Mystery of History

When I was growing up I don’t remember exactly being excited about what I was learning in my history classes except for when we did things like make butter and build little log houses…I must be a hands on learner huh?  Anyway, all of the other things we did were kind of…well, boring.  I like to read but some of those history books were not interesting.

Do you want your children to LOVE history?  Mine do!  Why?  Because of what we use.  We are a family that uses The Mystery of History and not only are my children learning so much, I am too!

The author, Linda Hobar, writes the lessons in a way that keeps your attention and makes it interesting.  She writes it like she is talking to you.  You can really “hear” her speaking to you about the lessons.

In the past few years, we have gone through Volumes I and II which took us from Creation to The Middle Ages. Right now, the kids and I are working through Volume III, The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations.  Each volume is “supposed”  to be completed in a year but I have too much fun learning about the topics that I tend to take a little (ok, a lot!) longer.  I like to take whatever subject we are learning about and explore more.  I will get books from the library, find movies & websites about the topic and let the kids really dig into it.

I look forward to sharing with you some of the great activities we will get to do by studying this volume.  Be sure to check the Mystery of History Facebook page to keep up with where Linda is as she writes the next volume.

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