My One Thousand Gifts List

Inspired by the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, I decided to make my list of 1000 things that I love…things that make me smile…things that I see as gifts from God. I am starting this list on May 12, 2011 and will add to it as I think of things…I wonder how long it will take to complete it.

1. The time in the morning when I am up before everyone else.
2. The sounds of the outdoors (birds chirping, ducks quacking, chickens clucking, rooster crowing) early in the morning.
3. The deer grazing in the field behind my house.
4. The laughter of children
5. Cats rubbing against your leg to show their love.
6. Husband kissing me every time he leaves the house…every single time!
7. Youngest son always saying he loves me.  Even when I am just walking by.
8. Watching my oldest son work on his projects…art, building, bikes…he is so creative!
9. Seeing the joy my daughter gets when she cooks. It makes me happy to see her happy and doing something she loves.
10. Hummingbirds
11. Shadow puppets on the wall during power outages caused by storms.
12. The smell of line dried clothing
13. My “huggie” pillow
14. The hands that rub my back every night.
15. Puppy breath
16. The way biscuit dough feels in my hand.
17. Butterflies
18. Light dancing on the wall
19. Children dancing and singing
20. Tulips
21. The first sip of coffee
22. Recognizing the sound of my husband approaching because of his jangling keys
23. Three amazing kids who were all born on the 23rd of their birth months.
24. The freshness of morning
25. Ribbons
26. The gurgling sound the washing machine makes as it drains.
27. Ice cream
28. Cotton pillowcases
29. Little children praying
30. My birthday & hubby’s birthday
31. Soft butter
32. The sun rising over the tree line by my house
33. Butterflies
34. Receiving a card in the mail
35. Popping bubbles

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