My First 5K

Well I did it! I walked in my first 5K this morning. Here I am with my friends, Amy and Renee, standing at the starting line when it was still dark and early outside.
These two are really the reason I did this. Last year they ran in the 5K and Amy, the one in the green shirt, challenged me to walk it this year…so I did. I have to tell you, she is just amazing. Although she ran it last year and could have very well gone at a faster pace than I did, she stayed with me the entire time and cheered me on to the finish line. At one point I started feeling like I couldn’t make it and thought they were going to close the finish line before I could complete and I wanted to cry. I could feel the tears coming and my throat felt tight. I said “My throat is closing up because I am going to cry” to which she replied “Well quit crying then!” LOL Yeah, I needed her to be there. She said she was going to turn “Jillian” on me. No, she wasn’t all tough and mean…she was an encourager too by reciting Philippians 4:13 over and over. She promised that we would cross the finish line together and we did! Then I asked her to take this picture of me.


When we were done, Amy went to go cheer Renee on in the half Marathon and I talked to My Memphis Mommy’s Shana Moland and Tracy Knight, host of The Everything Wellness Show on AM 990 about my experience of my first 5K and my plan to lose at least 100 lbs by my next birthday (November 30th). I plan on achieving this goal by following the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus program and walking a 5K every 3 months. I have already picked out my next one. It is the Jackson Culley Mito-What? 5K in Millington on March 26, 2011. By committing to doing it, I will be motivated to keep walking.
Thank you to all of you who motivated me to do this today. Please don’t stop encouraging me. I need it! I look forward to keeping all of you up to date on my progress of shredding these pounds with each step I take.


  1. Stephanie Perdue

    Congratulations! I am the one who challenged Amy to run the 5k while I ran the half-marathon. I am so proud of you. i just had a baby but I plan to start running again in March. Keep up the good work.

    • Christie

      She and Renee mentioned you this morning before we started. They told me that you wanted to do it but were not able to. Well, thank YOU for inspiring Amy to do it last year! Look at the chain reaction!!
      The one I am doing in March is right there in Millington…maybe you can join us!

  2. Shanna

    Christie, you are such an inspiration not only to me but I am sure many others. Thank you for sharing your story. Now you have given me a challenge!!! Way to go!!!! You are so blessed!

  3. Shawna

    WTG, Christie!!! I’m so proud of you!!! I know you can do your next 5K & meet your other goals, too!! You’re AWESOME!!!

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