My Facebook Breakup


Yes, it is official…I am breaking up with FACEBOOK!  Ok, it isn’t a permanent thing.  Just a separation I guess.  Here is why…

I got behind on a lot of things around here while I was caring for our foster baby. He has gone home to live with his birth family and I noticed that in the week that he has been gone, I spent more time on Facebook than I used to so I know I need to seriously step back and evaluate where I am spending my time. I need to catch up on things and I don’t need Facebook to distract me. I am not saying that I won’t be on at all but I am only scheduling myself for an hour a day to log on.  You may see some posts from my Christie Jarvis Connects page or any of the other pages I manage but these will be pre-scheduled and I won’t be replying to them until I get on later. Since I DO get paid to do some of these, I kinda need to make sure they get done! You may even notice that SwagBucks posts when I earn for searching, iHeart tells you when I like a song, or Goodreads may tell you about my reading progress but that doesn’t mean I am ON Facebook. These are automatically posted.  I will be busy homeschooling my boys, finishing up some websites, doing a project for Bright Ideas Press, reading the books that I am supposed to be reviewing and posting my reviews, finishing MY book, making plans for the 2014 Relay for Life of Tipton County, purging my home of stuff I don’t need and giving it to Tipton County Junior Auxiliary for their yard sale, and working on many other things that I need to do…like clean out the fridge! So, as you can see, Facebook is not on the top of my list.

It feels good to be logged out on my phone and not be tempted by that little red notification number.  Ahhhhh freedom!

Anyway, I will get on once a day and will answer as much as I can during that hour so if you absolutely need to get in touch with me during my separation, you may email me.

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