Mirror Broken Mirror

Broken Mirror

And just like that, the mirror slid from the top of my makeup case and crashed onto the tile floor.  Shattered, Broken, Shiny pieces…Some so tiny, others large chunks.

I cleaned up the mess and went on about my day but God kept whispering to take a look at that broken mirror.

Ok, God, I see a bunch of broken pieces of a mirror.  What does it mean?

He reminded me that I had said these things in the past:

“I can’t be a women’s ministry leader. I am over weight and don’t have that perfect look that all of those ladies do.  They won’t listen to me.”

I don’t know what my husband can possibly see in me.  I am sure he is really not in love with me but just sticks around because he has to.”

I have a pretty face but that is about it.”

He wanted me to see something that I didn’t see.  He showed me to stop looking at what I SEE when I look at my reflection but look at what HE can do through me.

We are all broken by things that happen to us. Our past hurts can leave tiny little scratches on our heart or can remove great big chunks of it.   The comments people make about us do affect us. Sticks and stones may break our bones but those ugly words leave deep scars that take a long time to heal. Some, we may never forget. I still remember the name of one of my meanest tormentors in school and although I have forgiven him in my heart, I often wonder if he even cares about the hurt he caused me.

Yes, I still struggle with my image but I am not going to allow the lies of Satan to convince me that I am unworthy to serve my King with all of my heart…and excess weight.  I know that through Him, I can do ALL things,including get the weight off.  Not so I can “look good” but so I can bring honor to Him by being obedient.   Just like Mirror, Mirror, the song by Barlow Girl says, I don’t allow the mirror to define me and I pray that you don’t either.

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