Menu Plan Monday

I apologize that I have not posted my menu in the past couple of weeks…I didn’t make one!  I have to tell you, I did NOT like life without a menu. The kids didn’t care too much for it either because they had no place to go look to see what they would be having for meals.  I promised them that I would have a menu this week and life will be wonderful again 🙂  So, here is what will be served at my house this week.  SOME of these things I will eat with them but some I will have something else. Like on the cinnamon roll day…I love them but my recipe has too many points for me.  If I can find a recipe that is lower in points but still tastes good, I will eat them but until then…nope!  If you have any good recipes to share, please do! I am always looking for some good meal ideas that are healthy and the family will eat.

Have a yummy week!

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