Magnificent Monday

We had a magnificent Monday!  The kids got their school work done early and since I love seeing my kids working on their assignments, I often take pics of them while they do.  Today, I snapped a lot of my middle child, who usually avoids my camera or makes goofy faces.

Here he is working on his Geography lesson.  He had to use various resources to fill in a worksheet from The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide from Bright Ideas Press.


We both found it rather interesting that in the 1999 Scholastic Almanac, it showed the US Corporation with the highest revenue was General Motors but looking up the same information online for 2011, GM was not even in the top 10. Things sure have changed in a few short years huh?

And this is him doing his Algebra.  He is doing SO well with the program we are using this year and I am very proud of all he has done so far.

As you can see, we do school all over…at desks, on ottomans, outside, at the kitchen table, in the car…wherever! Learning happens in a variety of places.

We recently read about Leif Erikson  in All American History and one of the suggested resources in Illuminations 4 is the video Vikings: Journey to the New Worlds.  I was disappointed that I couldn’t find it on Netflix BUT was happy to see that Hulu had it so we watched it today. I bet it would have been amazing to view this movie at the IMAX like it was made for but unfortunately, it isn’t one of the film options in my area right now.  Be sure to check out this film if you are studying Leif Erikson. I don’t have a picture of us watching it but I wanted to share the info anyway.

Thanks for reading about our magnificent Monday…hopefully we’ll have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

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