Lessons with LEGOS

Yes, dear friends, you can teach with LEGOS.  I can hear you now…”But Christie, those are JUST TOYS!”  HA HA!!  That’s what YOU think but they are SO much more!  Consider them educational tools that just happen to be FUN!

My sons LOVE LEGOS.  They look forward to getting their LEGO magazines in the mail and looking through them to see what’s new.  The youngest, age 10, has a lot of sets on his Christmas list…Hint hint grandparents! Well, they are listed as one of the “Best Gifts for Visual and Tactile Learners” so who am I to complain!?

Today my boys built The Tower of London out of LEGOS.  They learned about it a few weeks ago in their history lesson. I didn’t come up with this idea just so you know…It was one of the activities recommended in Illuminations, which I LOVE and will post more about later!

Since my boys love their LEGOS so much and I am always looking for ways to teach them that are fun, I did some exploring today to see what other lessons we could do with LEGOS and found these sites:




Note to self, get more LEGOS!

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  1. Shauna

    Thanks for the great links. I stink at figuring out ideas of things for Gabe to build and he was asking for some today and I had no luck searching. Thanks for the post!

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