Leftover Masterpiece

My Sunday School class is currently going through Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted .  We are on week 2 and this morning as I was reading day 5, I was especially struck by what Mrs. Shirer says about how God can take our leftover messes and make beautiful masterpieces.  She gave the analogy of how she can take leftover food and add to it to remake it into a whole new meal that her family thinks is amazing. It made me think of other things that can be made from things that are left over. Not just thinking about food but about more such as quilts, stained glass windows and beautiful pieces of art work. I have a friend that makes beautiful crosses out of leftover bits and pieces. Alone, this leftover stuff may appear to be junk and some may just toss them into the garbage, but Glory uses the talent God gave her to make these amazing pieces of art. Check them out and see for yourself at Glorycross.net.

Webster defines “leftover” as something that remains unused or unconsumed. I never really thought about how God can take what we have made a mess of and reshape it into something beautiful.  Sure, I have recited Isaiah 61:3 that tells us that he will make beauty from ashes but I never THOUGHT about how He has taken some of my messiest things, stuff that I am ashamed of, and turned them into amazing masterpieces.  Isn’t God good?!

I did another study of Jonah a couple of years ago and when our leader told me we were going to do the Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted, I will admit, I was not excited.  I thought “What in the world am I going to learn from studying Jonah again?” But being the obedient (HA HA) Sunday school student that I am, I jumped in with both feet and am really gaining SO much from this study!

If you have ever experienced bumps in the road, interruptions in your life, then you should check this out.  Find a group doing the study or do it yourself. I promise you, even after just going through these lessons for the past two weeks, I am looking at things a little different than before and accepting that what I have planned for my life will likely have interruptions…how I handle them is what makes the difference.

I will be a masterpiece that HE designs from my leftovers.


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