In 2002 I read Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley (AKA The Flylady) & it helped changed the way I did things around my home.  I had been to her website before and even got the massive amounts of emails each day that she sent out through yahoo but until I read the book, I didn’t really “get it”.  It sparked something in me and I started really doing what I needed to do to have an organized home.

One of the best tips I got was starting a load of laundry each morning.  It helps keep our laundry from piling up.  I set an alarm to remind me to hang out the clothes or put them in the dryer depending on the weather. This may sound simple and you may think it is silly that I actually had to read this in a book but it is true.  Before I started doing this, I wouldn’t wash clothes until my husband informed me that he had no clean underwear to put on in the morning!  Oops! Now that I start a load every morning, this is no longer a problem and our laundry doesn’t pile up…no more spending an entire day washing clothes.  Hallelujah!  I have much better ways to spend my time ya know 🙂  

So, there you have it…a tip to help you start your new year off on the right foot and with clean socks too!!  You might be interested in checking out more from the Fly Lady.  I use the FlyLady’s Lists on my Cozi app.  Sometimes simple little things make a BIG difference in the cleanliness and happiness in the home.  Happy New Year!


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