Issues of the Heart

Lately, there have been a lot of “heart issues” in my family…

It all started a few months ago when my pediatrician noticed that my 14 year old son’s blood pressure was elevated. She decided to keep an eye on it, told us to watch his sodium, and had him come in every few weeks to recheck.  After doing this for awhile, she decided to send him to a cardiologist.  We went to see her on December 15th and found out that he has narrowing of an artery entering his left ventricle. I am not real clear on it and not really sure what this means. Right now, we are just supposed to watch his sodium and take him back in a few months to recheck. Although the cardiologist assured me that he was going to be fine, it hit me hard and I shed some tears quietly in my bedroom that night and the next day because I felt like I had done something terribly wrong to damage my son. It was pretty emotional to think that just 13 years before, he was almost killed by a dog and now this…he is too young for these problems!

The next thing that happened was the Wednesday before Christmas.  My 81 year old paternal grandmother started having some chest pains and my dad took her to the hospital.  She ended up having a heart valve replacement and a bypass that Friday and I spent most of that day at the hospital with other family members.  We were really worried about her making it through that surgery at her age but we should not have doubted…she did great and thankfully she is recovering very well.

Lastly, is Molly… She came to live with us in October.  She was so playful and energetic but around Christmas, she changed.  She just wanted to lay around and wasn’t breathing right.  I took her to the vet the day after Christmas and found out that she has congestive heart failure due to heartworms.   According to her paperwork, she had tested negative last year but obviously got bitten by an infected mosquito and now is in the late stage of the disease. It made me so upset and I withdrew for a few days.  I couldn’t understand why I had to deal with this…All of these HEART PROBLEMS in just 2 weeks time!!! I can’t take anymore!!  It’s been almost two weeks now since her diagnosis and she isn’t doing well.  I basically have to spoon feed her and all she will eat is boiled chicken. It breaks my heart to see such a beautiful dog go from hyper and playful to this.

All of these issues are physical and also are causing emotional heartache for me. I am asking that you please pray for each of these issues…I know that God CAN heal my son, restore my grandmother, and also make the dog better if that is His will.  If not, I will need comfort and emotional healing, which I know He can and will do.  Thank you for praying!

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