I’m Cooking Now


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I LOVE to cook! Trying new recipes is something exciting for me even though my family isn't always as excited about some of my concoctions! Ha ha! It isn't easy for someone with a passion for preparing delicious meals to go without an oven but I have done it for about two years now and have been pretty creative if I do say so.  I have done a lot on the cook top, in a crock pot,  toaster oven, roaster oven and on the grill…no one starved!  Well, I am happy to report that I now have a full size oven working in my kitchen again. 
The first thing I made in it was a big peach cobbler for my husband.  I put it into the oven and shouted “Wow! Look at all that room! I can fit 3 more pans in there!”
I think my pans have missed being used.  I know I have definitely missed using my stoneware the most.  I need a new 9X12 stone because mine got broken the last time it was used and I didn’t bother to replace it when the oven quit working. I see a Pampered Chef show in my future!!!
Well, I am going to go now.  I need to check my WW Points to see if I have enough to eat some of that peach cobbler. Have a great night!

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