Help me decide

I need your help!!  I have to choose a picture to send in with my bio for the statewide women’s ministry page and I can’t decide between these two…

Please leave a comment with which one you think I should use.  I will tally the votes and send in the “winner” by Thursday so don’t wait too long!!


Choice #1


Choice #2


  1. Sherry

    Leave it to “me” to see things from a different angle… 🙂 I love the 1st pic – great for a Facebook profile pic! BUT…. you said that this pic was for a women’s ministry. If that women’s ministry involves women you are helping who have problems &/or have been abused — I would pick Pic #2 instead, because that look tells women you are not just “bubbly” but have experienced some of what they may have gone through as well. In other words, you might look to them in Pic #2 like a woman who could be not only a “friendly friend” but a “helpful friend”… But if the women’s ministry is mostly about “fun stuff” for women to enjoy — then Pic #1 fits for that.

    Your choice depends on the “message” you want to send to the particular women you minister to…

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