Healthy New Year’s Eve Dinner

So my plans for my New Year’s Eve had to be changed.  Originally, I was going to order Chinese and scrapbook the night away but when I told my friend, Tracy Knight, of Core Door Fitness of my plans, she said UH…NO! See, what happened was this…

I mentioned to Tracy that I LOVE Chinese food but that every time I eat it, my face, hands and feet are super swollen the next day.  I asked her if a food technique she had taught me a few days before would be good to do before I ate the Chinese food.  She asked me what I planned on ordering.  I said fried rice and egg rolls.  I could tell by her brief pause that she didn’t think it was a good idea.  So I asked her what I should do.  She told me not to order fried rice!  WHAT?!? That is what I want!!    So, I mentioned that I had seen a recipe on SparkRecipes for Vegetable Fried Rice and I asked her if I could send it to her and let her tell me if it would be ok.  She said yes.  I sent it and she told me that the only thing I needed to change was to not use the olive oil but to use canola oil instead or use the natural oils produced by bell peppers. I chose the canola oil. I also added a little chicken breast to it.  Since I was making my own fried rice, I decided to make the Egg Rolls I had found a recipe for also.

It looks pretty good huh? How did it taste??  Great!  Of course, it wasn’t JUST LIKE the Chinese restaurant makes but it was good.  I am proud of myself for making myself a healthier version of one of my favorite foods.  I am very thankful to have Tracy helping me with this goal.  If you are looking for someone to guide you through and help you, be sure to check out her website.   She is passionate about helping people be healthier.  If she hadn’t told me to not order my favorite food and go for a healthier option, I would have been puffy tomorrow and miserable.  Thanks Tracy for setting me straight!

Ok, now to get to work on those scrapbook pages.  Want to finish the 2008 album tonight!!

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