Go For It!

“God, are you sure this is what you want me to do?  I don’t know how. Surely you have the wrong woman! I can’t do that.”

About 14 years ago, during a church service, God called me into ministry. My response was pretty much the same as the one above! But my momma always told me “Can’t never could do nothing,” and she was right.   If I always believe that I can’t then I won’t ever do anything.  I didn’t understand what God meant when He said I would be in ministry but through the years since, I have been serving in some way.  There have been a few times when He has moved me into a different role or even to a new church and although I often try to talk Him out of it, I eventually obey and end up understanding the reason for the change. Has He given you a new direction, yet you fear that you can’t do it? Is it because you think you aren’t worthy? Remember Luke 1:37  (For nothing will be impossible with God) and Romans 8:31 (If God is for us, who can be against us).  IF He has given you this dream, you CAN NOT fail!  He will be right there with you and will guide you each step of the way.  Just GO FOR IT!

Care to share what He has called you to do?  Please post and I will pray for you. Maybe some of my connections will come in handy to help you fulfill the dream that God has placed in your heart.

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