Facebook Profile vs Fan Page

Yes, there is a difference and every time I see someone using a “personal profile” page as a business page, it makes me want to message them and tell them that they need to be careful because it is against Facebook terms to use a profile as a business.  They can come in and shut your page down and what happens to all of those friends you had?  THEY ARE GONE!  You would have to rebuild your contact list…that’s no good for your business is it?

What IS good for your business is a fan page that is updated regularly with plenty of interaction with your followers.  I hate seeing a business Facebook page that has not had any activity on it or has people asking questions and the business isn’t answering…looks like bad business to me!  I move on.

Want your business to be found by search engines??  Yeah, having a Facebook FAN page (not profile) will help with that! It’s because Fan pages are indexed by search engines. Profiles are not. As a business, you WANT people to find you, right???

What about when your business really takes off and everyone wants to be your “friend”??  Did you know that a personal page only allows you to have 5000 friends?  Well, that kind of limits your business growth now doesn’t it?

You can have ONE profile, yet manage many Facebook business pages…I manage a large number of them myself.

So, lesson here is this…if you want to grow a business, then act like a business and get a business page.

While you are on Facebook, be sure to join my Christie Jarvis Connects page where I share various tips I find.  It may be about saving money, fun educational ideas, recipes, events…ya never know what connections you will find!

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