Even though…

I have felt God’s call on my life for years so I have served in a variety of ways…as a children’s Sunday school teacher, nursery director, choir,  VBS director, etc. In the past few years, I have really felt like I am supposed to step up and really mentor ladies but something, or should I say someone, has kept me from doing what I know I am called to do…yep, Satan.  That old liar, had me convinced that no one would listen to me…He put things in my head like “look at you, you can’t even get your weight off, who wants to hear what YOU have to say” or  “you can’t mentor teen girls…look at the mistakes YOU made as a teenager” and “why would these women want to hear anything you have to say, you haven’t done anything big to prove your worth”.

Well, I keep pushing those thoughts out of my mind because I know they are just lies and that the hurtful words he was spewing was to keep me from doing what God has assigned me to do. I thought about Paul…he didn’t exactly have the past that a great person of ministry would have did he?  I mean seriously…he tortured and killed Christians before he became one!  But in 1 Corinthians 15:9-10 he says that even though he wasn’t even fit to be called an apostle, by the grace of God, he was and by that same grace, he served harder than the others since God gave him the work to do and the ability to do it.

Wow…so EVEN THOUGH Paul (as Saul) persecuted Christians, he ended up reaching many people FOR Christ and being remembered as a great follower and leader.  What does that show me?  That EVEN THOUGH I made mistakes in the past and did some things that I regret, I, by the grace of God, am a new person and can do mighty things for Him and through Him!

I am doing what I feel God has called me to do and each day, he is showing me how what I am doing IS changing lives of women around me.  It touches my heart to see how my obedience to Him is helping women grow closer to God.

What about you?  Has God called you to ministry and you keep thinking that there is no way you can serve him with what you have done in your past? Don’t believe the lies…do what God has called you to do even though


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