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When I saw this offer from Plum District, I knew I had to pass it on! I have had Discovery Toys products in my home since my 16 year old daughter was a baby! I was even a consultant for years so that I could share them with other parents, make some money and get a discount on the products for my kids.
With this deal, you can spend $20 and get $40 worth of product! So get to shopping! Surely you know someone with a birthday coming up! What about END OF SCHOOL YEAR??  You might need some new educational toys & games around to keep the kids busy this summer.  These toys are NOT just for little kids either. There are some magnificent games for your older kids too that are perfect for your family night.

I have had my eye on Qbits for my son so bought 2 deals & I will my vouchers to get that and Tricky Fingers.  I had Tricky Fingers years ago and we loved it.  I am not sure what happened to it but when I saw that it was available again, I knew that I HAD to have it. It is a perfect travel game for us.

After you buy the Plum District deal, you will receive an email with your voucher number.  You will use it when you place your Discovery Toys order. You WILL have to call 800-341-8697 (TOYS) to place your order so that you can use the voucher number.  (Note: When I called, the representative nicely informed me that Plum District will upload all of the codes to them at the end of the sale so they can’t take orders until tomorrow so I will call back then.) If they allow, please choose Bonnie Nutzell of Tennessee as your consultant.  She was a sponsor for the March Madness giveaway I held on my Facebook page and I want to continue to bless her business.


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