This morning I was getting ready to go to the Anti-Drug Coalition of Tipton County monthly meeting and remembered that our meeting location had changed. I was sitting there putting my makeup on and thought “I have NO idea where I am going!” which made me laugh at myself.  The verse that I have pinned to my bathroom mirror is Hebrews 11:8 which tells about Abraham leaving out not knowing where he was going.  This is the verse I have clung to for the past couple of years because I want to be like him and do whatever God leads me to.

This was especially meaningful to me this morning because yesterday, we found out that the young lady that we wanted to bring into our home and adopt into our family would not be coming here after all.  As I was sitting there thinking that I didn’t know where I was going for the meeting, I also don’t know where I am going in this adoption journey.  I know God didn’t put us through the classes and everything else for nothing.

So, here I was putting on my makeup, thinking about direction and I noticed my notifications light blinking so I picked up my phone to see what it was.  It was an email from my pastor in response to me emailing him an update on our adoption and in it he said “I have heard it said, It’s not rejection…but direction.” That made me laugh!  During our classes, one thing that I said I struggled with is rejection and before I got the phone call yesterday, I had started feeling that maybe the girl didn’t want us but if that was true, I needed to know.  I didn’t feel hurt, I just wanted to find out what direction we were headed. So that quote meant a lot.  Nope, I wasn’t rejected, just redirected!  I DO feel like God has been guiding us in the right direction for these past few months and now that we have been told NO for this girl, we are now moving toward the one He really has picked out for us.

Before I left for my meeting, I told my husband that I was leaving but had no idea where it was.  I said “I am not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing that I am clueless as to where the Sheriff’s Department is.”  He gave me a funny look and reminded me where it was.  If only all directions were that simple 🙂

Still praying daily for God’s direction in my life.

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