Day 4 – A Place to Put Your Feet Up

This chapter was about making your home a comfortable place for people.  A place that isn’t so “perfect” that people don’t feel welcome.  She says clean is not just about getting rid of clutter but also about making a place where people feel welcomed and loved…isn’t that what I said I wanted in my day 1 post?

I remember when I was a young mom and I didn’t think that I could be a good hostess because my house was too small, too cluttered, my dishes didn’t match…heck, my furniture didn’t even match! Fortunately, I had some great mentor moms who I met through MOPS and through the W.O.W. Bible Study at Crosspointe Baptist Church in Millington. These women taught me that those things didn’t matter.

The Mary challenge for today: Invite a friend over. I didn’t do it today…It is hard this week with my schedule.  I will try for next week. But, you can ask anyone, I love to have people over so this challenge isn’t going to be hard to do.

The Martha challenge was to clean out the microwave and oven.  I did the microwave last week so it was still ok.  The oven just needed to be wiped out.

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