Day 10

~Day 10~

Feeling Overwhelmed

Boy have I ever felt overwhelmed!  As I mentioned in my last post, when I keep putting things off and then try to do what should be done (and should have been done long before!) I am very overwhelmed by all that I need to do.

I did learn from the Fly Lady years ago that “You can do anything for 15 minutes” so I will set a timer and do a little quick clean up for just that short amount of time and it really makes a difference.

This chapter mentioned getting rid of stuff and focusing on the “big picture”, you know, how things will look when you get it all under control.  I do frequently get rid of stuff.  We take stuff to Goodwill almost weekly.  I do picture my end result in my mind and will hopefully have it all the way I want it soon.

The Mary Challenge – Relax and envision what you want your home to be like.  Come up with a big picture and ask God to help you create that.

The Martha Challege – Clean the living room window treatments and the inside of the windows.   (I didn’t realize how nasty those things could get!  WOW!)

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