A few months ago, I read about Cozi on a blog somewhere…I don’t remember where.  The author of the blog had said that it would help me to stay organized.  The family calendar, to-do lists and shopping lists would make life simpler…we shall see. I checked out their site and decided to go ahead and sign up.  They didn’t have an app for the Droid so I just used the mobile site and really didn’t “get it”.  I thought I had everything I needed in my built in calendar that synced with Google so I didn’t see the point.  I wasn’t utilizing the entire thing properly. And now I know how to even sync my Google calendar with Cozi so it’s all good…except, I am no longer even using the Google calendar!

About a month or so ago, they announced that not only did they now have an app for Droid, but they were partnering with The FlyLady so I could get my Zone Cleaning checklists right on my phone! I LOVE the app!  My husband has it on his Droid too and since we use the same Cozi account, he sees MY calendar and knows where I have to be and if we have family plans.  He also can add items to our shopping list as he thinks of things…I told him not to get too crazy on that part though, we are on a budget after all!  For the kids, I have it set up to text them their to-do lists and calendar reminders so they have it with them also.  Yes, this neat little tool has actually helped us to stay organized!!

Right now, they have the apps for iPhone and Droid FREE until Dec 31.  After that, it will be $5.99 to download it so go ahead and get it now and get a great start on organizing your life and your family.


  1. Clarification – you can continue to choose between the free mobile apps and the paid versions – the difference being the free versions will have occassional, tasteful advertising.

    • Christie

      Thank you for clarifying! I love using Cozi now. I did pay to download mine when it was first available on the Droid when it was $1.99.

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