Coupon Lesson

At the end of each month I try to gather up all of the expired coupons and mail them to an overseas military base because the service personnel can use them for up to 6 months after they expire. I pick a different military base each month from the list on Grocery Saving Tips.  Unfortunately I was a little behind because I have not done it since September (when I was in the hospital) so I decided that we would do it and make it part of our school work for today. I know you are thinking that there is no way in the world  cutting out coupons can be educational…wrong!

First of all, the preschooler got to practice cutting with scissors.  No, I didn’t give her coupons to cut out.  She got the pages that we already removed the coupons from and she just cut away.  She really concentrated on cutting that paper up!

For the actual school agers, they had to do a little more than just practice cutting!  I mean, we are talking about kids who are in 10th, 8th & 5th grade here.  I don’t think scissor technique is exactly on their list of required subjects.  They had to cut out the coupons, sort them by expiration month, put them in the appropriate envelope and then (here’s the best part) figure out how much money someone will save with the coupons.  A little bit of FUN, real life math!

What else?  Well, how about a little geography? We find the location where we are sending the coupons on a map and we can usually find pictures and info about each base online.

Sometimes there are even products that we are not familiar with that we will look up and find out info about.

I believe that everything can be made into an educational experience and it can be fun.  Learning should not have to all come from textbooks.  Not only are my kids learning life skills and how to be frugal but they are also learning about how to take the extras they have and give them to others.  I think that is a pretty successful morning!

Now, on to other lessons!  Have a great afternoon.


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