Christmas Eve


I am lying here in my bed on Christmas Eve. It is about 11:15, the kids are in bed, there are two crockpots cooking tomorrow’s breakfast and I am just reflecting on how wonderfully blessed I am.
Last night we celebrated Christmas with my husband’s family. We went to his parents’ house and had dinner. All of his brothers were there as well as all of our nieces & nephews except one. I wish he could have made it but I understand. We laughed and just enjoyed the time. When it was time to leave, my van blew a spark plug so we had to leave it there and drive my mother in laws vehicle home. My kids were all shoulder to shoulder in the back seat and I am happy to say, they didn’t complain. Nope, they laughed and sang all the way home.
This morning I got up and made pimento cheese and stuffed eggs for my mother’s family Christmas get together. My mamaw, mom & sister’s family came over around 1 and we did our gift exchange. I got a new hand held massaging shower head from my mom. Yeah, you laugh but I am excited! I used mom’s when I stayed with her after her surgery in June and loved it! My husband has already installed it & I am really trying to keep myself from taking a shower tonight.
The rest of our family showed up around 2 and we all got excited because a surprise visitor stopped by…it was Santa & Mrs. Claus!! Ok so it was my dad’s brother who has been “Santa” for years. It was so sweet that he stopped by. I wouldn’t have seen him this year if he hadn’t. After Santa left, we ate and then just sat around and talk. At one point, I looked around and thought about how completely blessed we are to have each other. Each of us is different and have unique gifts. We all fit together and enjoy life. Blessed!
As soon as we were done & everyone was gone, William and I has to run to Game Stop and swap something out that I bought a month ago but realized last night that I got the wrong thing.
When we got back home, Amy made Rice Krispies Treats for us to enjoy while we watched a movie. We opened our traditional Christmas Eve present which is pajamas and then we started the movie. They chose A Christmas Carol. We enjoyed it very much. We were going to play a game that my sister gave my kids after the movie ended but I guess they were all tired because they went straight to bed.
I am going to go to sleep now. Hopefully our breakfast casserole and oatmeal that is cooking in the crockpots will be ready and delicious in the morning. Good night and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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