Social Media

Book Review: Faith Leaps

     I “met” Alyssa online a couple of years ago and have followed her ever since for a few reasons. One is because her website has a lot of purple (which I read in the book is her favorite color! Woo-Hoo!) but mostly because everything she does is what I want to do…I want […]

Creation Expo Ticket Giveaway

Announcing the first ever Ultimate Creation Expo from the same folks who bring us The Ultimate Homeschool Expo, The Ultimate Special Needs Expo and more! You know how great their other expos are so this one is bound to be just as amazing and full of great info as well as TONS of door prizes! […]

Happy Monday

Today was my 4th Monday of not having my daycare kids here…oddly enough though, it was the FIRST one that I have not had somewhere to go since I closed. I did get up this morning and head out for my walk and then spent some time enjoying coffee with the King outside at the […]

Freedom to Hurt

For the past few days, I have had something on my mind and I need to just get it out so here I am pouring out my heart about it. I love social media but I have noticed that lately people post terribly demeaning things about people not realizing that it is hurting them…or maybe […]

No Connection

I think it is kind of ironic what I am about to tell you about…I have had no connection lately.  Christie Jarvis Connects has not been connected! It’s true! My internet connection at home has been absolutely terrible and I have been having to do the best I can to get what I needed done using […]

Photo Tagging for Facebook Pages

I am SO excited about the latest addition to Facebook Fan Pages…you can now tag a business profile (Fan Page) in your photos! Now people will be able to tag my clients’ pages and when their friends look at the pictures will be able to click on the tag and come to the page.  This […]

Facebook Profile vs Fan Page

Yes, there is a difference and every time I see someone using a “personal profile” page as a business page, it makes me want to message them and tell them that they need to be careful because it is against Facebook terms to use a profile as a business.  They can come in and shut […]

You Are What You Post

Here is something I have had to say over and over again to people I know…You ARE what you post! You may think people don’t (or shouldn’t) judge you by what you post on Facebook and Twitter but they will. Almost every night on the news there is a story about someone who got in […]

2012 Buick Verano Reveal

Tomorrow morning you can see the LIVE reveal of the 2012 Buick Verano right on their Facebook page.  They will be streaming live from the International Auto Show, Detroit (NAIAS) and when you LIKE their page, you will get to see it!! PLUS…here’s a little secret that they asked me to share!  They will be holding […]

Social Media Bandwagon

One of the things that I enjoy doing as a virtual assistant is help businesses jump on the social media bandwagon.  Often, the business owner really wants to get into the  world of Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc, but just doesn’t have the time to dedicate to it so I get to do it for them. […]