Downside Up Book Giveaway

I recently reviewed this book for Booksneeze and after I finished it, I kept thinking about it and knew that it could help many others like it did me so I decided to include it in my annual Birthday Bash giveaways but what’s even better is that we are going to start an online book […]

Magnificent Monday

We had a magnificent Monday!  The kids got their school work done early and since I love seeing my kids working on their assignments, I often take pics of them while they do.  Today, I snapped a lot of my middle child, who usually avoids my camera or makes goofy faces. Here he is working on […]

Way To Go Award – Jennifer Livingston

I saw a few posts with this video of  CBS WKBT News Anchor, Jennifer Livingston, responding to email about being fat, so I watched it and then cheered!   It made me think about the posts I made recently about being an example and not looking at our outward appearance.  Yes, we KNOW we are over […]

Letting Go

I have been thinking about everything that I do…the “busy-ness” of my life you know?  Well, I have had to start cutting things out and saying NO to certain things because it hit me that if I do things that aren’t going to get me to the place God wants me to be, I am […]

We win

This is one of my favorite songs that we sing at church.  Lately I have been playing it over and over and claiming victory in my life. God has great plans for all of us and Satan will try everything possible to keep us from being who God has called us to be.  The video […]

Courageous Movie

As you already know, I went to see Soul Surfer today. Before it started, I saw the preview for Courageous…WOW!  I decided that my family must see it when it comes out.  Here is the preview for you to see. [youtube=]

Don’t Text and Drive

I don’t text and drive because I don’t think anything I have to say or read is as important as life. A few years ago I saw something on TV about the guy in this video who hit a bicyclist because he was texting and I decided that I would never do it. If my […]

NY2LA – Press Play

Happy New Year! I want to share a song that I absolutely LOVE to help motivate you to get moving in 2011. Some people say Christian music is boring…NOT! This song not only has a great message, it also has an awesome beat…I dare you to NOT dance! Watch this video and think about how […]

What Faith Can Do

A friend of mine gave me a bag that says that and every time I read it, I think, “YES! I KNOW that God will!” There is a song about what faith can do and from the first time I heard it, I loved it. I will literally play it over and over. I know […]