Book Review: Faith Leaps

     I “met” Alyssa online a couple of years ago and have followed her ever since for a few reasons. One is because her website has a lot of purple (which I read in the book is her favorite color! Woo-Hoo!) but mostly because everything she does is what I want to do…I want […]

Way To Go Award – Jennifer Livingston

I saw a few posts with this video of  CBS WKBT News Anchor, Jennifer Livingston, responding to email about being fat, so I watched it and then cheered!   It made me think about the posts I made recently about being an example and not looking at our outward appearance.  Yes, we KNOW we are over […]

Twirling Dress

The little girls I watch LOVE twirly dresses.  They are such sweet princesses.  One day we went to see a play, Cinderella.  When Cinderella twirled on stage, Princess D turned to me and said “Mrs. Christie, she twirled! I can twirl too. Want to see?”  I laughed but didn’t let her twirl in the middle […]

Beautiful Sunday

Tulips are my favorite flower, purple is my favorite color and Sunday is one of my most favorite days!  It’s all beautiful!  Have a blessed day everyone!