Meal Planning

March Makeover – Menu Planning

We are starting our MARCH MAKEOVER on my Christie Jarvis Connects Facebook page today!! One of the things we will be working on is organizing our lives by using some simple methods of planning.  You save SO much money and time when you actually plan your meals.  Not to mention, it is MUCH healthier! The first thing I […]

Menu Plan Monday

I apologize that I have not posted my menu in the past couple of weeks…I didn’t make one!  I have to tell you, I did NOT like life without a menu. The kids didn’t care too much for it either because they had no place to go look to see what they would be having […]

Menu for week of 5/8/11

This week’s menu was planned by my 11 year old son.  He wanted to help me and pretty much ended up doing the whole thing. He didn’t add the veggies that need to go with some of these meals but I will make sure they are on the plates. To see what he has planned, […]

This Week’s Menu

<p style="font: 15pt Garamond, Georgia, serif; color: #ffffff;" This is what's on the menu at our house this week. I know from experience that planning a menu and making your grocery list to go along with your menu saves you money! I used to print out my grocery list organized by category but for the […]

Perfect Potluck

Sometimes when you come across a website, you simply think “Now, why didn’t I think of this?”  This is one of those times! Allow me to introduce you to Perfect Potluck, a brand new website that is a FREE online tool for coordinating your group meals.  Have you ever planned a large gathering and had […]