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Birthday Bash 2013 Intro

Woo-hoo! It’s time for my annual Birthday Bash where I celebrate my birth month by giving YOU great gifts! Like I said on my Facebook Page, this was not my first choice out of the MANY takes we did trying to shoot it but it was the only one I could get to actually upload so […]

Mirror Broken Mirror

And just like that, the mirror slid from the top of my makeup case and crashed onto the tile floor.  Shattered, Broken, Shiny pieces…Some so tiny, others large chunks. I cleaned up the mess and went on about my day but God kept whispering to take a look at that broken mirror. Ok, God, I […]

Healthier Living

The aroma of “fair foods” at Celebrate Munford today made it very difficult to stick to my healthy eating plan but I did it.  You know what I am talking about…funnel cakes, corn dogs, cotton candy, BBQ. All things delicious but definitely NOT nutritious. I was there working the Junior Auxiliary booth and encouraging kids to […]

March Makeover – Tracking Food

One of the things I want to accomplish with the March Makeover is to get myself back on track with my weight loss goal and hopefully encourage others in their journey so they can motivate me…it is a wonderful accountability circle!  I find that when I actually keep track of what is going into my […]

Here We Go Again

I made a promise to myself last year on my birthday that I would lose 100 lbs by my next birthday…well, that day was Wednesday and I am sad to say, I failed. I was disappointed in myself because I only lost about 40 lbs but decided that day that it isn’t over. Just because […]

Afternoon Snack

My husband wanted me to make him a strawberry cake so I did…I have made 3 of them now since Saturday.  One was for my Bunco group and unfortunately it got dropped when I was getting it out of the van and was a big mess inside of the Tupperware container.  I didn’t stay for […]

Wonderful Weekend

It’s Sunday night and as I prepare for the upcoming week, I am reflecting on the events of the weekend…it was wonderful! My kids are all doing the P.O.D. (Pursuit of Discipleship) class at church on Saturdays so I drove them there and dropped them off. While they were there, I had my nails done. […]

Countdown…20 days!

Every morning when I wake up, I ask “What is today? What is the date?” This morning was no different. I remembered that it was Sunday so I knew I needed to get up and get ready for church. Then I remembered that is was March 6th…20 days from today, I will be walking in […]


Don’t you hate it when you are chugging along and things are going well then all of a sudden, you come to a roadblock? This is the roadblock that I see in the morning when I am doing my walk.  I always walk right up to it and touch it and use it as kind […]

Week in Review

Last Sunday was my middle child’s 14th birthday so I had asked a girl we go to church with to make him a cake to surprise him with before Sunday School.  She came up with this really cool camouflage design. After church we went to eat (he chose Burger King) and then to the movies to […]