Even though…

I have felt God’s call on my life for years so I have served in a variety of ways…as a children’s Sunday school teacher, nursery director, choir,  VBS director, etc. In the past few years, I have really felt like I am supposed to step up and really mentor ladies but something, or should I […]

Caring with Coupons

I frequently give away things that I have gotten for free or very cheap to charitable organizations but this week I had the honor of blessing an individual personally by sharing my abundance. I was talking to a friend one day and she mentioned that she couldn’t get groceries until payday and that there was […]


This morning as I was hanging clothes on the line, I had my Bluetooth in my ear but my phone was on the kitchen desk. (Yes, I know…it is funny to think of the contrasting technologies being used together!) I am standing out there placing clothespins on each garment and moving slowly down the line […]

Well Done

We all want to know that someone appreciates us and thinks our work is worthy right? Remember in grade school how you felt when you got a gold star on your paper? You were so proud of it and wanted to show everyone. In my Weight Watchers meeting, our leader gives us little BRAVO stickers […]

I Am Not Afraid

The topic in our children’s service has been about fear…well to NOT fear.  The kids have learned about not being afraid of the dark,  going to the Dr, heights, etc.  We used 2 Timoty 1:7 as one of the key verses.  It is one I have had my own children recite when they were afraid […]