Magnificent Monday

We had a magnificent Monday!  The kids got their school work done early and since I love seeing my kids working on their assignments, I often take pics of them while they do.  Today, I snapped a lot of my middle child, who usually avoids my camera or makes goofy faces. Here he is working on […]

US Geography – Delaware

Today Andrew began the geography lessons that are scheduled in Illuminations Year 4 for 3rd – 8th. Throughout this year, he will be learning about each state in the order which they became part of the United States. We are making a state notebook using the printable sheets included in our Illuminations program that allows […]

Rooting To Learn

As I have mentioned before, my children are using English from the Roots Up to learn the Latin and Greek roots. Volume 1 was part of our Illuminations Year 3 schedule last year  and we will be using Volume 2 this year. Some people have asked me WHY this is important. I have received comments like “Latin […]

Marketing to Homeschoolers

How well do you know this market? To Market, To Market–Selling to the Home Education Sector provides you with tools so you can start learning the value of company branding and show potential buyers what your company is all about. Learn how to craft effective press releases, and put email and viral marketing to work […]

Help for Homeschooling High Schoolers

Yes, you CAN homeschool your high schooler…MANY have already done it and their children are very successful.  In this  E-Book, you will get tips from some of the most well known homeschool speakers on a variety of things you have questions on about getting through these important years. Disclaimer ~ This post does contain an […]

19 Gifts from TOS

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine still has a few of their gift packs for new and renewing 2 yr subscribers left. This magazine is one of the very few that I subscribe too AND actually keep on my shelf. I enjoy reading the articles and gleaning from the wisdom of others who have done what I […]