Playing to Learn

All American History Out Loud

The weather was absolutely beautiful today and since my children were stuck inside all day yesterday because it was raining and I was in bed sick, we HAD to get outside today.  But we also had to do school so I came up with a fun, creative way to allow both.  We have a speaker that […]

Rooting To Learn

As I have mentioned before, my children are using English from the Roots Up to learn the Latin and Greek roots. Volume 1 was part of our Illuminations Year 3 schedule last year  and we will be using Volume 2 this year. Some people have asked me WHY this is important. I have received comments like “Latin […]

Sid the Science Kid Discovery Day

When I was a home childcare provider, we watched Sid the Science Kid every morning on PBS and the kids loved it! My youngest, who was about 8 when we first started watching it, had me record it just in case he missed something important!  HA HA He loved the way that Sid and his […]

Lowe’s Build and Grow June 25th Clinic

Here is what Lowe’s has planned for their Build and Grow Clinic for kids on June 25th. Just in time for the 4th of July! Register your kids on the Build and Grow site.

Memphis Scholastic Summer Chess Camps

28th Annual Memphis Scholastic Summer CHESS Camps GET STARTED OR KEEP GOING IN CHESS this summer by attending ONE, TWO, or up to SIX WEEKS of the 2011 MEMPHIS SCHOLASTIC SUMMER CHESS CAMPS! FOR NEWCOMERS: A great way to GET YOUR CHILD STARTED in chess. The perfect way to SEE IF YOUR CHILD IS INTERESTED in chess. FOR […]

Tennessee Free Fishing Day 2011

June 11th is FREE Fishing day in Tennessee.  This means that everyone can fish without a license.  In addition, all of those who are age 15 and under can continue to fish through the entire week until the following Friday (June 17th). There are many events planned throughout the state.  You can see a list […]

Discovery Toys Deal

When I saw this offer from Plum District, I knew I had to pass it on! I have had Discovery Toys products in my home since my 16 year old daughter was a baby! I was even a consultant for years so that I could share them with other parents, make some money and get […]

Coon Creek Members’ Day

If you are a member of the Pink Palace, they have a special dig coming up at Coon Creek.  Click on the image for more information on the event and on how to become a member.

Flower Pots

This week we are taking a little break from our normal curriculum and learning about gardening.   Today we painted flower pots which we will use to plant seeds in and watch them grow into flowers. When we finish the whole unit, I will post the list of books & websites we used  but until […]