Magnificent Monday

We had a magnificent Monday!  The kids got their school work done early and since I love seeing my kids working on their assignments, I often take pics of them while they do.  Today, I snapped a lot of my middle child, who usually avoids my camera or makes goofy faces. Here he is working on […]

US Geography – Delaware

Today Andrew began the geography lessons that are scheduled in Illuminations Year 4 for 3rd – 8th. Throughout this year, he will be learning about each state in the order which they became part of the United States. We are making a state notebook using the printable sheets included in our Illuminations program that allows […]

Rooting To Learn

As I have mentioned before, my children are using English from the Roots Up to learn the Latin and Greek roots. Volume 1 was part of our Illuminations Year 3 schedule last year  and we will be using Volume 2 this year. Some people have asked me WHY this is important. I have received comments like “Latin […]

Bright Ideas Press Facebook Party

I just copied and pasted the email that Maggie Hogan from Bright Ideas Press sent out.  I will be there & I hope you will be too! It’s a P A R T Y and you are invited!!! What: Bright Ideas Press FB Party Date: TODAY! Time: 5 pm – 8 pm EDT Place: […]

Leonardo Davinci Lesson

We are using Illuminations from Bright Ideas Press this year to help tie subjects in with our core which is The Mystery of History. I just wanted to share with you one of the things the kids did as a project while we were studying Leonardo Davinci this week. This was part of the literature […]

Pink Palace Homeschool Classes

My sons have been going to the homeschool classes that they have at The Pink Palace for the past few months.  They have learned about and done projects about density, mixtures and solutions.  All of these topics have tied in nicely with what we have been learning in Christian Kids Explore Chemistry. This month’s topic […]

Lessons with LEGOS

Yes, dear friends, you can teach with LEGOS.  I can hear you now…”But Christie, those are JUST TOYS!”  HA HA!!  That’s what YOU think but they are SO much more!  Consider them educational tools that just happen to be FUN! My sons LOVE LEGOS.  They look forward to getting their LEGO magazines in the mail […]