Healthy New Year’s Eve Dinner

So my plans for my New Year’s Eve had to be changed.  Originally, I was going to order Chinese and scrapbook the night away but when I told my friend, Tracy Knight, of Core Door Fitness of my plans, she said UH…NO! See, what happened was this… I mentioned to Tracy that I LOVE Chinese […]

I’m Cooking Now

<p style="font: 15pt Garamond, Georgia, serif; color: #ffffff;" I LOVE to cook! Trying new recipes is something exciting for me even though my family isn't always as excited about some of my concoctions! Ha ha! It isn't easy for someone with a passion for preparing delicious meals to go without an oven but I have […]

This Week’s Menu

<p style="font: 15pt Garamond, Georgia, serif; color: #ffffff;" This is what's on the menu at our house this week. I know from experience that planning a menu and making your grocery list to go along with your menu saves you money! I used to print out my grocery list organized by category but for the […]

Perfect Potluck

Sometimes when you come across a website, you simply think “Now, why didn’t I think of this?”  This is one of those times! Allow me to introduce you to Perfect Potluck, a brand new website that is a FREE online tool for coordinating your group meals.  Have you ever planned a large gathering and had […]

My Grandmother’s Pimento Cheese

My grandmother has made homemade pimento cheese for almost every family function for as long as I can remember. A few years ago I decided that I wanted to make it so I asked her for the recipe.  It is a simple recipe but takes a little work because you HAVE TO SHRED THE CHEESE […]

Holiday Foods & Decorations

Last night at church we had a ladies’ holiday decorating event.  Each lady brought a favorite holiday dish to share and we had a few ladies show some simple crafts that can be holiday decorations.  It was fantastic and fun!  I love decorating for the holidays and got some great ideas. To see some of […]