Day 2 – Created to Give Life

As a woman, I am created by God to give life. Not just to grow a baby from an egg in my womb but in other ways.  My words and actions in my home can be life giving…or just the opposite.  I pray that I can be a life giver more and can make my […]

Day 1 of 31 Days to Clean

Why Clean? That was the question Sarah Mae asked at the beginning of the chapter. Why do I want my home to be clean? Well, to me, it is more peaceful when things are clean and organized. When there is too much clutter, I feel stressed. Sarah Mae challenged me (and all of the other […]

31 Days to Clean

Here is a new E-Book that I can’t wait to get my hands on!  It is not just about getting your home clean but also challenges your heart. I will start the challenge on May 1st and would love for you to join me! Click on the image to read more about this e-book: UPDATE […]

My Cleaning Fairies

Yay! I finally got the cleaning fairies that I have always wanted. They are “helping” us get the playroom ready for my daughter’s 16th birthday party. Ok, so they don’t really clean that well but they are kinda cute! Please follow and like us: