In 2002 I read Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley (AKA The Flylady) & it helped changed the way I did things around my home.  I had been to her website before and even got the massive amounts of emails each day that she sent out through yahoo but until I read the book, I didn’t […]

New P&G Coupon Book

We all know that receiving coupons in the mail is like getting a birthday card with money inside…my friend MyMemphisMommy always says “Coupons are currency”…they are! So when you can request some free currency from companies of products you use and love it is like they are sending you CASH! With that being said, Home […]

31 Days to Clean ON SALE!

As you know, I have been doing the 31 Days to Clean challenge and have been sharing each day with you all.  I am excited to announce that from now till  12 noon EST tomorrow you can download it for just $1!  That is a savings of $3.99! YOU TOO can jump in and join […]

Day 11

~Day 11~ Limitations Boy did this chapter speak to me.  Sometimes I forget that I can’t do everything…that I DO have limitations.  I have had the thought before that if I could just function on an hour less of sleep each night then maybe I could get more done. Well, that is not healthy.  My […]

Day 10

~Day 10~ Feeling Overwhelmed Boy have I ever felt overwhelmed!  As I mentioned in my last post, when I keep putting things off and then try to do what should be done (and should have been done long before!) I am very overwhelmed by all that I need to do. I did learn from the […]

Day 9

~Day 9~Overcoming Laziness I used to be a lot more diligent about getting things done but for the past two years or so, I have been guilty of being lazy.  I find myself not wanting to do what needs to be done and thinking that I could just do it later but then would be […]

Day 8

Day 8 ~ Overcoming the Curse Yeah, sometimes it seems as though we can’t overcome the curse…but we can! We have to make sure it doesn’t control us.  If our homes and the mess in them become overwhelming and causes us stress, we have to turn it around and take control over the situation.  Yes, […]

Day 7

Day 7 was about THE CURSE…no, not the womanly curse we deal with monthly, the other one where we clean one room and walk out only to come back and it looks like a tornado has hit.  Why is that?  Well, according to our author, it is because of The Curse.  In the Bible it […]

Day 4 – A Place to Put Your Feet Up

This chapter was about making your home a comfortable place for people.  A place that isn’t so “perfect” that people don’t feel welcome.  She says clean is not just about getting rid of clutter but also about making a place where people feel welcomed and loved…isn’t that what I said I wanted in my day […]

Day 3 – Ways to Give Life to Your Home

In this chapter, Sarah Mae’s sister in law, Renee, gave us a list of 10 things that bring life to your home. Things like the way we speak to each other, accept each other, love each other as well as how things are organized and decorated. We honestly show love to our families and ourselves […]