Caring with Coupons

I frequently give away things that I have gotten for free or very cheap to charitable organizations but this week I had the honor of blessing an individual personally by sharing my abundance.

I was talking to a friend one day and she mentioned that she couldn’t get groceries until payday and that there was nothing at their house to eat.  It bothered me that I had extra and someone I knew would be going to bed hungry.  The next morning, God spoke to me as I was reading my Bible.  One of the verses I read that day was Proverbs 21:13 which says “He who shuts his ear to the cry of the poor will also cry himself and not be answered.” (NASB) When I read that, I knew that I HAD to do something.  I grabbed a bag and just started putting stuff from my pantry in it.  It wasn’t very much but I knew that it would be helpful to them.  I dropped the bag off on their porch and drove off feeling good about what I had done.  I was trying to do it anonymously and wouldn’t have even posted about it if she hadn’t called me later that night to thank me…she figured out it was me. It was a joy to take some of my things to a family in need.

I want to help others learn how to use coupons so that they can bless people also.  There are numerous sites out there that offer lists for you to use when shopping.  The very first site I ever used for this was  I always sort my list by most savings and she shows you which items you can get for free.  Even if I won’t use them, I will get them so I can give them away.  I also check out what my friend Shana posts on MyMemphisMommy to see if there are any local deals that she has found.

Another way I use coupons to care for others is by sending my expired coupons to our troops stationed overseas.  They can use them up to 6 months after they expire.  I include my children in this special project and have been collecting more from friends in my area.

Start to make a difference today.  Use coupons and pick up a few extra things to put away for someone that may need it.  Share the savings! You don’t have to do a lot…every little bit helps.

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