Bright Ideas Press Facebook Party

I just copied and pasted the email that Maggie Hogan from Bright Ideas Press sent out.  I will be there & I hope you will be too!

It’s a P A R T Y and you are invited!!!

What: Bright Ideas Press FB Party

Date: TODAY!
Time: 5 pm – 8 pm EDT

Place: FB page!/BrightIdeasPress

Bright Ideas Press is having a HUGE party and you’re invited! Have you attended a FaceBook party yet? I love being able to share information and goodies with all my online friends and a FB party is a fabulous way to do just that. Here’s the scoop: just “friend” Bright Ideas Press on Facebook. Then, TODAY, 5 – 8 pm EDT come to our page and get ready to share, learn, and win prizes! Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of prizes!!!

Plus, we’ll have “speakers” available to answer your questions on different topics. Meet Kim Kautzer of WriteShop, Felice Gerwitz of Media Angels, Sharra Badgley of TOS, and Dari Mullins from Illuminations. I’ll be there the entire time to answer your questions, as well.

Throughout the evening you’ll have opportunities to win great products from Heart of the Matter Online, WriteShop, Media Angels, Raising Real Men, The Old Schoolhouse, My Audio School, Trivium Pursuit, Knowledge Box Central, and of course US! (And everyone who stops by gets a FREE Literature Study Guide a free Family Bible Study on Ruth!) The two grand prizes include TWO free copies of WonderMaps and Illuminations!!

Introducing Tip Talk Time! One of the cool things about our FB Party is a chance to learn, connect, and get your questions answered! We have three folks doing Tip Talks. Kim Kautzer, of WriteShop, Felice Gerwitz of Media Angels, and Dari Mullins of Illuminations (Bright Ideas Press). In addition to the scheduled talks we have several other folks on hand to answer questions. You can talk to Sharra Badgley of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, who is especially interested in helping newbie homeschoolers, Melissa Craig and Stacey Lane who are BIP employees and moms who use (and create!) BIP products, as well as Christie Jarvis and a host of others!

Each of the 3 scheduled speakers has a specific 15 minute time slot and you get a chance to “ask the experts” your questions! This is how Tip Talks will work:

1. Our speaker will post a tip on our wall.

2. She will then allow for comments and questions (under her wall post).

3. She will answer as many questions as she can and then –

4. She will move on to post a brand-new tip.

5. Rinse and Repeat. LOL!


5:30 PM EDT
Title: Tips for Teaching a Reluctant Writer by Kim Kauzter (WriteShop)

Description: Kim will share some practical ideas to help your struggling student find more joy and success in writing. Learn how to inspire confidence, strengthen skills, and add a bit of fun to writing time!


6:15 PM EDT

Title: Parent-Child Relationships with Your Homeschoolers by Felice Gerwitz

Description: Most of us who homeschool wear many hats…mommy, teacher, and disciplinarian. We love our kids and they love us but sometimes relationships in such close proximity can cause havoc within our homes! Join Felice Gerwitz as she shares life with five very diverse children ranging in age from 30-10. Felice is a long-time homeschool mom (since 1986) and mommy to five very different children. Join her for a session of Q and A about kids, how to engage them, and how to have lasting relationships. Felice is the publisher, (Media Angels, Inc.) of “Secret Code Time: Creating an Unbreakable Bond Between Parent and Child.”


7:00 PM EDT

Title: Answering Your Questions about Illuminations by Dari Mullins

Description: If you use (or are considering using) The Mystery of History or All American History, you might be interested in Illuminations. Illuminations includes dozens of fabulous literature study guides and much, much more to go with these two history series.

FYI – even if a particular TIP TALK is not for you, there will be plenty of other partying going on simultaneously! Buckle up – this will be FAST!

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